I first visited Norway on a student exchange to Trondheim back in 2008 and then re-visited in 2013 to do a workaway stay in Finnmark. A year later, I moved to Tromsø for grad studies, where I've lived for 3 years in total - a time during which I got the chance to travel around and get to know Northern Norway quite extensively.
I even published a guidebook to Tromsø in English and German!

 As polar night is quite rough, however, I've recently moved to Stavanger in the West of Norway - an area which I'm currently exploring and getting to know better.

On this page, you can find an overview of the latest blog posts I've written about Norway, in chronological order, as well as an overview of all the regions I provide information about. If you'd like some in-depth information about visiting (or moving to) Norway, head to my Norway Q&A!

If you're interested in Scandinavian culture, cuisine or life up north, head here!

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