nordic wanders is a travel and lifestyle blog
with a focus on Northern Europe.

It was originally founded as “Snow in Tromso” by Vanessa Brune (BA Northern Studies / MPhil Indigenous Studies) and has recently changed name. Nordic Wanders is dedicated to travellers and future expats, giving insight into life in Scandinavia and presenting unique and unforgettable travel destinations and activities throughout Northern Europe and the Arctic - occasionally also in German and Norwegian

As a guidebook author, tour guide in Stavanger and co-founder of the Scandinavia & Nordics Travel Community, I am genuinely interested in helping travellers to get the most out of their precious time up north and want people to have experiences off the beaten track, in order to really get to know the local culture and way of life. 

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Thank you for your interest in working with Nordic Wanders!

Founded in 2014 with over 300 published articles so far, Nordic Wanders is continuously growing as a source of information for travellers in Northern Europe, and reaches a total of over 26,500 followers via social media and RSS readers.

To be able to provide my readers with even more information and tips about visiting the North, I'm always open to partner up with hotels, restaurants, tour operators and lifestyle brands throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Topics covered on the blog:

  • General travel advice for Northern Europe incl. tips for accommodation, transport, activities, locals’ recommendations, special events and budget travel

  • City trips in Northern Europe incl. day trips and hidden gems

  • Life in Norway, as well as Nordic culture and lifestyle/traditions in general

  • Hiking & outdoor activities incl. packing guides and gear reviews

  • Nordic cuisine incl. restaurant/cafe guides (as I’ve recently been diagnosed with colitis, there’ll be a specific focus on gluten free/allergy-friendly restaurants from now on)

What we can do together:

  • Press trips - flying out of Stavanger, Norway
    (Please note: I have special dietary needs, due to my colitis, and am rarely available for trips during the summer, due to my work as a tour guide. I like to think that none of this is a hindrance, though, as it really only means that I’m able to produce unique content about your destination - for instance, gluten free restaurant guides or guides to off-season/winter travel)

  • Product reviews (in English, German and/or Norwegian)

  • Brand ambassadorships

  • Creation of sponsored content (EN/GER/NO)

  • Giveaways


What I can do for you: 

  • Arcticles/blog posts for your website (EN/GER/NO)

  • Images for your marketing material

  • Creation of videos

  • Instagram takeovers

  • Social media management

  • Translation tasks (EN/GER/NO)


Please note: Nordic Wanders complies with Ping Ethics for content marketing and all sponsored content will be clearly marked as such.


Stats & Media Kit

1. Blog Audience & Traffic

  • Readers of articles on Nordic Wanders are primarily 25-34 year olds (43%). They share an interest in travel, outdoor activities, and culture/cuisine in Northern Europe and the Arctic.

  • 30% are from the US, followed by the UK (15%), Norway (10%) and Germany (8%). The majority (66%) of my readers are female.

  • Nordic Wanders has been read over 320,000 times in 2018, and has served over 190,000 people with information for their trip to the Nordics in total. The blog currently receives over 20,000 pageviews a month with a monthly reach of over 14,000 unique users.

  • The blog ranks #44 on “Top 100 Norway Blogs”, and #5 on “Top 10 Norway Youtube Channels” according to Feedspot.

2. Instagram Audience

  • Nordic Wanders reaches an audience of over 7500 followers on Instagram, who are most interested in outdoor activities and hidden gems throughout Scandinavia and the Arctic.

  • 26% of my Instagram followers are from Norway, followed by the US (9%), Germany (8%) and the UK (5%). The majority of my Instagram followers are female (54%) and between 25-34 years (35%).


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Working with Vanessa has been a pleasure from start to finish. We were well impressed with her enthusiasm and professionalism, producing beautiful images and well-written texts in a timely manner. We’re looking forward to collaborating with her in the future.
— Vanessa Sumpmann for Magnetic North Travel
It was a pleasure working with Vanessa. The blog entry about the Scandic
Hamburg Emporio was very well written and reflects our hotel in a
beautiful and personal way.
— Ann-Kathrin Müllner for Scandic Hamburg Emporio

Feedback from my readers



For more information and to receive my media kit/GA reports, contact me via You can also have a look at my published work in other media here

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!