7 Reasons why Malmö is Sweden's Most Underrated City

If you've ever been to Sweden, then you probably visited Stockholm, maybe Gothenburg or even Swedish Lapland. The country's third biggest city Malmö though, is rarely on anyone's bucket list.

People often head to Malmö on a day trip when there's nothing left to see in Copenhagen. Or when they're on their way to Stockholm or Gothenburg. But has a trip to Malmö as your actual destination ever crossed your mind?

I've visited Malmö three times so far and stayed there for several days twice. I haven't run out of things to do and see yet nor have I ever felt bored. Still I hear people say that although they love Scandinavia and Sweden, they never have considered a visit to Malmö - and I'm here to change that!

I argue that Malmö is the most underrated of Sweden's biggest three cities and while I can only recommend you to visit Stockholm and Gothenburg of course, here's why I think that you might fall in love with Malmö even more:


1. It's walkable

Malmö is insanely walkable. Whereas Stockholm is quite pedestrian-friendly too, you'd have to take the metro eventually to visit all the different sights or just another part of town. 

visit old town malmo sweden photo

Malmö however has a quaint little old town from which it's only a short and very pretty walk to its main sights like the Castle and Kungspark, Pildammspark, the Turning Torso Tower and Ribersborg Beach.

Or explore the city by boat! Malmö is crossed by several canals that are best seen from the waterside so rent a pedal boat and explore the city in your own pace!


2. It has a gorgeous beach and actual beach weather

Malmö is situated in Southern Sweden in a region called Skåne, which arguably has the best chances of actual sunshine and summer temperatures in all of Sweden. 

visit ribersborg beach turning torso malmo sweden photo

Even better that Malmö has a gorgeous sandy beach in walking distance from the city centre. Ribersborg Strand is the hot-spot for locals and tourists alike when the sun comes out and it has a historic bathing house situated on a little pier. 

You won't find any of that in Stockholm!


3. It's SO GREEN!

Malmö has three major parks in the greater city centre alone plus the gorgeous beach, the canal and even a lake, so it's fair to say that Malmö is definitely one of the greenest cities in Sweden.

visit malmöhus malmo castle sweden photo

You can shop till you drop, indulge in Swedish food and relax in the park all in one afternoon and if you ask me, the proximity to so much green space definitely makes up much of Malmö's charm for me!



4. It's close to pretty fishing villages and historic university towns

It's not only Malmö itself that is gorgeous. The city is close to several other picturesque places like Limhamn, a little fishing village just west from Malmö from which you have the very best view on the Öresundsbridge to Denmark.

Or Ystad east of the city where the famous Wallander movies have been filmed.

And last but not least, Lund. This medieval university town is totally worth a day trip if you're staying in Malmö.

It has everything from a medieval cathedral with catacombs, to one of the most prestigious universities in the whole country, and a pretty charming open-air museum right in the centre of town. 

Kulturen Lund shows you what life in Sweden has been like in the past and although this museum isn't half as big as the famous Skansen in Stockholm, it's by no means less interesting and I'd say, even more charming!


5. It's open-minded, creative and young

Malmö is arguably the hippest city in Sweden with inspiring architecture and a young and creative population!

The area Möllevången in particular is as hip a neighbourhood as Södermalm in Stockholm and it's here you should head if you're looking for the best second-hand store or the best kebab in town.

visit möllevången folkets park malmo midsummer sweden photo

I've been fortunate to celebrate Midsummer in Folketspark, Möllevången a couple of years ago and it was a really lovely event. 

Everyone was welcome to join the celebration and although my family and I didn't understand what the Swedes were singing about, it sure was fun to watch!


6. It's cheap (er)

Malmö is a lot cheaper than Stockholm or Copenhagen so it totally pays off to stay in Malmö and visit Copenhagen on a day trip, rather than staying in Denmark's capital for the night. 

Food and transportation are also way cheaper than in Sweden's or Denmark's capital which makes Malmö the perfect budget destination for a trip to Scandinavia.


7. It's the birthplace of "The Bridge"

And last but not least, for all Nordic Noir fans out there, Malmö is of course where "The Bridge" is set so if you'd like to visit the filming locations, there's actually guided tours you can take. 

visit öresundbridge the bridge malmo sweden photo

And definitely make the trip over the bridge, whether that's by train, bus or car - the view is pretty spectacular!


Would you like to visit Malmö? And if you've already been, what's your favourite spot in town?




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